Data Solutions to understand client insights and deliver personalized, relevant experiences

The Communications and Media industries are evolving as new technologies enable the creation of new services and products for consumers and corporate clients. The most prominent examples of disruption are Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple that are taking the world by storm. These companies are playing a leading role in the Communications and Media sector. Their global reach and massive adoption are positioning these companies to operate and dominate any established or new market.

Tradicional Communications and Media companies are in a race to recreate their operations from the core, some of them are shifting to a purely digital model. It is imperative to use technology to understand client insights and deliver personalized, relevant experiences.

Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence are technologies used by every leader in the Communications and Media market. The executives of these companies are designing their business strategy with a digital-first approach where all decisions are based on data models and insights.

Our Capabilities

CXO develops solutions that enable communications and media executives to respond quickly to changes and client behavior, gain 360-degree visibility of omni-channel operations, and sales information to improve deliver personalized experiences and data-driven marketing automation.

At CXO, we design and implement dynamic solutions that provide actionable business intelligence and insight to support daily operations and strategic long-term decisions.
Our solutions allow communications and media companies to analyze and improve decision making in areas like:

  • Omni-channel
  • Customer Analytics
  • Subscriptions and Retention Analytics
  • Dynamic Market Segmentation
  • Online Channel Data-Driven Monetization
  • Product mix rebalancing
  • Digital Asset Analytics
  • Agency Performance Analytics
  • Media Marketing optimization
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We establish a collaborative relationship with our clients, understand their business needs and challenges, and leverage the extensive experience of our highly skilled professionals to devise the best solution.