Data Solutions to optimize sponsorship and advertisement to maximize revenue streams

The eSports industry is expanding globally creating revenue stream opportunities like branding, specialized equipment, content development, and even subscriptions. Sponsorship, advertisement, and equipment development are playing an important role in this nascent industry where established companies are looking for innovative advertising options.

eSports executives need to quickly adapt to customer feedback and preferences to development strategic sponsorship portfolios. CXO helps eSports companies to develop custom-made analytical platforms to provide insights on advertising, sponsorship, merchandise, and overall tournament financial performance.

Our extensive experience in other industries is transferable to the eSports industry where we can help in the development of monetization strategies based on facts and analytics. Companies in the eSports industry are growing using a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) strategy and also forging vertical integration alliances. At CXO we have extensive experience working on M&A deals where data migration and conversion is required. Also, we help executives to get visibility over newly acquired operations and corporate performance using Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions.

Our Capabilities

CXO is a company specialized in Data Solutions. We provide assistance to our clients with their business intelligence, data integration, analytics, and digital initiatives. CXO helps companies to structure and understand corporate data from disparate systems like ERPs, MRPs, Planning and Forecasting, Financials and even external data from partners and third-party organizations.

We help Small, Mid-Size Business and Enterprises in North America find innovative ways to reduce operational expenses, optimize business processes, manage risks, and improve the overall contribution to business units through intelligent and successful Data Solution projects. Companies, using business intelligence and analytics solutions, are developing improved business models and practices to respond to current challenges, and prepare the company to be competitive in future business scenarios.

Our solutions streamline business operations and improve decision-making processes to assist eSports companies like:

  • Game developers and publishers
  • Professional teams and players
  • Tournament organizers
  • eSports clubs
  • Endemic and non-endemic brands and sponsors
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We establish a collaborative relationship with our clients, understand their business needs and challenges, and leverage the extensive experience of our highly skilled professionals to devise the best solution.