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Navigate complex data landscapes and boost operational efficiency with advanced solutions in business intelligence, data integration, and specialized software development tailored to your industry needs.


Unlock the full potential of your business with CXO's cutting-edge nearshore IT services. Our specialized team delivers cost-effective, high-quality solutions in Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Custom Software Development, ensuring your projects align seamlessly with your strategic goals. Partner with us to transform data into actionable insights and drive exceptional growth.
CXO Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence

Empower businesses with comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions that enhance decision-making through insightful reporting, analytics, and data-driven strategies for superior business performance.

CXO Data Analytics Services

Advanced Analytics

Provide deep analytical insights with advanced data techniques to identify new opportunities and refine business strategies, enhancing decision-making and driving growth through cutting-edge analytics.

Data Integration, Conversion, and Migration

Streamline business processes with our Data Integration, Conversion, and Migration service, ensuring seamless data flow between systems, efficient conversions, and secure, reliable data migrations.

Software Development (Data-Focused)

Develop customized software solutions focused on data handling and processing, including ETL, SQL, and advanced data structure development, to enhance and support business operations.

Providing value to our Clients

Our experience includes working with mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies to design and implement business analytics solutions that allow executives to monitoranalyze, and take action on key business metrics.

Why Work With CXO

At CXO, we transform your complex business challenges into competitive advantages through expert nearshore IT outsourcing. Leveraging years of experience and a deep understanding of industry needs, CXO offers tailored solutions that are not just effective but also efficient. Partner with us and experience how our commitment to excellence and strategic approach makes a measurable difference in operational agility and cost management.

Expert Talent at Your Fingertips

Access a pool of highly skilled professionals without the overhead of hiring in-house

Our nearshore model delivers services with our expert top-tier talent in Latin America who are not only experts in their fields but also culturally aligned with North American business practices, ensuring seamless communication and integration.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Reduce operational costs while maintaining quality and service standards

CXO's nearshore outsourcing services are designed to offer significant cost savings without compromising on the output quality, helping you manage budget efficiently and reinvest savings into core business areas.

Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability

Easily adjust your resource levels to match project demands

Our flexible engagement models provide you with the agility to scale up or down based on your evolving business needs. This adaptability is crucial for staying competitive in a dynamic market environment.

Faster Time to Market

Accelerate project timelines with efficient processes and time zone advantages

Our strategic geographic placement enhances collaboration and allows for real-time updates, helping you speed up project delivery and time to market, which is vital for maintaining a competitive edge.

Robust Data Security and Compliance

Adhere to the highest standards of data security and regulatory compliance.

With CXO, gain peace of mind knowing that your data is handled with utmost security and compliance with both local and international regulations, safeguarding your business against potential risks and breaches.

Engage with CXO and discover how our expert nearshore outsourcing solutions can drive your business forward. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your strategic objectives efficiently and effectively.

At CXO, we pride ourselves on a robust portfolio of over 400 projects, each tailored to enhance operational efficiencies and drive business intelligence across industries.

Our expertise is showcased in diverse sectors such as financial services and global manufacturing, where we’ve implemented cutting-edge solutions like IBM Cognos and Microsoft SSIS. Notable projects include seamless financial data migrations for top-tier financial firms and comprehensive BI strategies for Fortune 500 companies, enhancing their analytics capabilities significantly.

Each project underscores our commitment to delivering excellence and precision, notably through advanced technologies like Microsoft Power BI and IBM Cognos Analytics. Whether it’s optimizing data workflows or providing critical insights through custom dashboards, our consultants ensure transformative results. 

Dive into our detailed case studies to discover how our tailored solutions can address your specific needs, driving your business forward. Engage with us today to leverage our proven track record and expert insights for your next big project.

Explore Our Success Stories

Client Results

“CXO consulting services were key to understanding why our business was declining in one specific area. With the wealth of information provided by the reports they developed, we were able to define a turnaround strategy, based on accurate numbers.”
— Business Unit Director, Leasing Company
“Part of my job is to improve efficiencies in our business units and devise innovative solutions to optimize our business performance. I have been working with CXO for more than 5 years and we implemented solutions to automate several reports that provide valuable information to different business units.”
— Director of Corporate Strategy, Mid-Size Services Company
“From an operational standpoint, CXO has improved how we analyze our corporate data and share it with the management and executive teams. CXO’s team technical skills have been crucial to accomplish our business information objectives.”
— Senior Finance Executive, Financial Industry Holding Corporation

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